Getting to Sinaia

Two shuttles will ensure the transfer of the participants from Bucharest Otopeni Aiport (OTP) to the Mara Hotel.

The 1st bus will leave at 3pm, on Friday, 11 September from the airport. The participants will be welcomed in the airport by Oana Niculescu.

The 2nd bus will leave at 6pm, on Friday, 11 September from the airport. The participants will be welcomed in the airport by Elena Irimia.

For the participants arriving after 6pm we provide specific solutions.

VISA information

Please visit this web-site for visa information relevant to your country of origin.


The duration of regular presentations is 20 min, followed by 10 min questions. Presentations can be in pdf or power point.


ERRARE 2015 will be webcasted. The server for webcasting is


Friday, 11th of September

Afternoon and evening arrival of participants at the Mara hotel in Sinaia (1h30 from Bucharest-Otopeni Airport)

20:00    Welcome Dinner at the Mara Hotel

Saturday, 12th of September

9:00-9:15                        Welcome - Florin-Gheorghe Filip.
Presentation of the workshop - Ioana Vasilescu

9:15 Session #1       Variation and speech: analysis and modeling of errors in speech-to-text applications

Chair: Gilles Adda

9:15-10:15                      Keynote C. Burileanu: “The Romanian ASR System developed at “Speech & Dialogue” (“SpeeD”) Research Laboratory – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. Under-resourced languages challenges for an ASR system”


10:15-10:30 Break


10:30-11:00                   D. Telaar, J. Weiner, T.Schulz: “Error signatures to identify Errors in ASR in an unsupervised fashion”

11:00-11:30                   M. A. Ben Jannet, M. Adda-Decker, O. Galibert, S. Rosset: “How to evaluate ASR errors impact on NER?”

11:30-12:00                   H. Cucu, A. Buzo, C. Burileanu: “ASR errors in transcribing informal pronunciations of Romanian numbers”

12:00-12:30                   S. Ghannay, N. Camelin, Y. Estève: “Which ASR errors are hard to detect?”


12:30-13:45                    Lunch

13:45 Session #2        From Variation to Errors in Speech Production and Perception

Chair: Martine Adda-Decker

13:45-14:45                   Keynote R. Hartsuiker, H. Gauvin: “Conflict monitoring in speech production

14:45-15:15                   S. Marin, M. Pouplier: “Spontaneously occurring speech errors in German: BAS corpora analysis”

15:15-15:45                   C. Dutrey, M. Adda-Decker, F. Santiago: “Large-scale prosodic-acoustic analysis of ASR errors in French”


15:45-16:00                    Break


16:00-17:00                   Keynote M. Zock: “« Errare humanum est ». Refusing to « appreciate » this fact could be a big mistake!”

17:00-17:30                   L. ten Bosch, G. Giezenaar, L. Boves, M. Ernestus: “Modeling language-learners’ errors in understanding casual speech”

17:30-18:00                   I. Chitoran, J. Hualde, O. Niculescu: “Gestural undershoot and gestural intrusion - from perception errors to historical sound change”


19:30    Gala Dinner


Sunday, 13th of September

9:00 - 11:00                    Peles Castle Visit (Departure of bus from Mara Hotel at 9:00 am)


11:00 Session #3        Errors and dialogue: issues in Human/Human and Human/Machine Interaction

Chair: Joseph Mariani

11:00-12:00                   Keynote F. Lefèvre: “Uncertainty management in vocal interaction interfaces, seamlessly modeling and handling errors in interactive processes”

12:00-12:30                   R. Higashinaka, K. Funakoshi, M. Mizukami, H. Tsukahara, Y. Kobayashi, M. Araki: “Analyzing dialogue breakdowns in chat-oriented dialogue systems”


12:30-13:45                    Lunch


13:45-14:15                   L. Devillers, S. Rosset : “The communication accommodation of the machine to deal with errors”

14:15-14:45                   A. I. Niculescu, R. Banchs: “Strategies to cope with errors in human-machine speech interactions: using chatbots as back-off mechanism for task-oriented dialogues”


14:45-15:00                    Break


15:00 Session #4        Errors from multiple sources (syntax, discourse, multimedia...)

Chair: Dan Tufis


15:00-16:00                   Keynote M. Turchi: “Working with human post-edited sentences: old challenges, new solutions.”

16:00-16:30                   M. Kai : “Truncated Speech and Its Repair”

16:30-17:00                   F. Santiago, M. Adda-Decker, C. Dutrey: “Towards a Typology of ASR Errors via Syntax-Prosody Mapping”


17:00-17:15                    Break


17:15-17:45                   V. Barbu Mititelu, E. Irimia: “Types of errors in the automatic syntactic parsing of Romanian”

17:45-18:15                   D. Charlet, J. Poignant, H. Bredin, C. Fredouille, S. Meignier : “What Makes a Speaker Recognizable in TV Broadcast? Going Beyond Speaker Identification Error Rate”


18:15-18:45                    Final discussion. Moderator: Sakriani Watiasri Sakti


18:45 -19:15                   Farewell Drink


20:00    Dinner at the Mara hotel


Monday, 14th of September

9:00 departure of Bus #1 from Mara Hotel to Otopeni Airport (1h30m)

9:00 departure of Bus#2 from Mara Hotel to Dracula’s Castle (1h)

10:00 – 11:00 visit of Dracula’s Castle (1h)

11:00 – 12:00 picnic lunch
12:00 departure of Bus #2 from Dracula’s Castle to Otopeni Airport (2h30m)

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In order to register for Errare 2015, please read the instructions carefully:

If you are a keynote speaker, you are kindly asked to visit and complete ONLY the registration form below.

The other participants (including the accompanying people) are kindly asked to visit and complete BOTH the registration AND the payment forms.

We advise you to follow the steps:

  • complete the registration form;
  • come back to this page and click on the appropriate button for you in the table below. There you will be able to pay the fee with your credit card. Please be aware that the payment by credit card will imply a further 4% card processing fee.
    Participants who prefer paying the registration fee by bank transfer are encouraged to contact Verginica Mititelu ( for getting the account information.

>> Registration form <<

Early Bird

before and including 24/07/2015

Standard (Late)

after 25/07/2015

ISCA member non-ISCA ISCA member non-ISCA
normal fee 400 EURO 420 EURO 500 EURO 520 EURO
student fee 300 EURO 320 EURO 400 EURO 420 EURO
Accompanying person - 250 EURO - 300 EURO

All fees include VAT (where applicable).

The conference registration fees include:

bus transportation from Bucharest Airport to Sinaia (round-trip) *

accommodation for 3 nights at the Mara hotel (Sept 11 - 14)

breakfasts at the hotel (Sept 12, 13 and 14)

lunches and coffee breaks on Sept 12 and 13

dinners on Sept 11 and 13

1 admission to the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening (Sept 12)

a participant kit

access to all official workshop sessions

digital workshop proceedings

The accompanying person fee includes:

transportation from Bucharest Airport to Sinaia (round-trip) *

accommodation for 3 nights at the Mara hotel (Sept 11 - 14)**

breakfasts at the hotel (Sept 12, 13 and 14)

lunches on Sept 12 and 13

dinners on Sept 11 and 13

1 admission to the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening (Sept 12)

* within specific bus shuttle times (flights not included)

** shared double room

ALSO included in the registration fees:

Peles Castle entrance and guided visit (Sept 13)

Sunday 13th from 9:00 to 11:00 am

A guided visit of Peles Castle in English (1h15m).

Transportation to and from the castle is included.

Bran Castle entrance and guided visit, packed lunch included (Sept 14)

Date: Monday 14th from 9:00 to 12:00 am

A guided visit of Dracula’s castle in English (1h), followed by a picnic lunch.

The packed lunch and transportation to and from the castle are included.

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The workshop will take place in Sinaia (Romania), known as The Pearl of the Carphatians. It is located on Prahova Valley, in the Bucegi Mountains. Sinaia is also a major historical town, hosting the summer residences of the last Romanian royal dynasty with its magnificient Peleș Castle, and located close to the Bran castle, another royal residence, known as Dracula castle.

Errare 2015 will be a residential workshop. Participants will be accommodated in the Mara Hotel

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Social program

castelul Peles
  • On Sunday morning, 13th September, we envisage a visit of the Peleș Castle.

  • On Saturday evening, the gala dinner of the workshop will take place at the Foișor Castle.

castelul Foisor
castelul Bran
  • After the workshop, on Monday, 14 September, we envisage a visit of the Bran Castle, world-wide known as Dracula's Castle.